UK artist working in mixed media, batik, printmaking, monotype, oil and watercolour

Twilight on the forest
block print on dye wash picture. A young silver birch tree at sunset
Sapling at sunset
block print over dye wash 2021
Driving home in Hanoi
Mono type made with oil paint
The end of the walk as mist rises in the valley
Block print and dye wash on cotton
Beginning of today's walk
Multiple block,s of different trees printed over dye wash
three Oak trees
This is a block print using hand breyer
water pools right
this batic painting was made while I lived in Bali and reflects patterns in pools of water at the sea side. Pattern has very deep roots in Indonesia.
The last Kite
Naptol dye batik
Rural development relaxation of planning consents
Batik using Naptol dye and wax resist. Takes the idea that the relaxation of planning in rural England will create unwanted development everywhere.
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